De Kreake is a vacant farm in the village of Huns in Friesland,a small village 12km southwest of Leeuwarden. A small, sheltered oasis in the vast meadow landscape of the Greidhoek, which because of it’s clay was used for grassland for dairy farming and nowadays is also being used for conservation and protection of meadow birds. This location has been inhabited since the 12th century. For decades people worked the land of de Kreake without the use of fertilizer or chemicals, out of respect for the earth.

With Farm to Table you will be guided around this special piece of land by Claudia Busson, our very own bd-farmer. She will tell about the history of the place and about her plans to make it into what it is right now. To close we will serve you a snack and drink in the workshop / bakery.

Farm to Table is part of our Thursday workshops which we are organizing every Thursday from April to October (with exception of August). These guided tours will be organized every 1st Thursday of the month.
– 5 April
– 3 May
– 7 June
– 5 July
– 6 September
– 4 October

We have a limited number of places available, so sign up quickly!