Farm of the World is an art project about and throughout the countryside. The power of the countryside is the underlying premise for Farm of the World. This power has traditionally rested on its usefulness: the countryside provides materials and people for the city. In return, the city offers services and facilities. In the past, the connection between city and countryside was locally focused, but has now come under pressure as the result of globalisation.

Farm of the World investigates the value of the countryside in our time, other than just being a producer to meet the demands of the city. How can the countryside offer a sustainable solution to demands for food, energy and space, without sacrificing essential aspects such as nature, space, biodiversity and landscape?

Within this theme, an inspiring speaker will be asked to give a lecture every fourth Thursday of the month. From different perspectives the importance of biodiversity and the future of the countryside will be discussed. Afterwards, some drinks and a snack will be served.

Food for thought is part of our ‘Thursday Workshops’ which we are organizing every Thursday from April to October (with exception of August). These lectures will be organized every 4th Thursday of the month.
– 26 April
– 24 May
– 28 June
– 26 July
– 27 September
– 25 October

We have a limited number of places available, so sign up quickly!

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