Claudy Jongstra creates art pieces and architectural installations from hand felted material. Working in a closed eco-system is essential for the creative process. Comitted to the value chain of creation, she raises her own sheep, keeps bees, cultivates a botanical garden and grow their own plants for dyes. Jongstra’s oeuvre is founded on ethical values. Her work and life are inspired by stewardship, the promotion of bio-diversity and the preservation of a natural and cultural heritage.

U can participate in one of the workshops dyeing with natural dye crops like union peel, walnut, nettle of indigo. Unfortunately, the knowledge about these age-old methods is disappearing fast. Natural dyes produce colours that are essentially different. They have depth, shades, nuance, movement and are slightly different every time; they resonate with what we see in nature.

During this workshop you will start working with dyeing wool and organza. Only natural materials are used for painting. Think of the roots of plants or the peelings of onions. Become a member of the Woven Skin Community and make a nice padge during this workshop. We will end with a snack and drink.

Natural Colours is part of our ‘Thursday Workshops’ which we are organizing every Thursday from April to October (with exception of August). These workshops will be organized every 3rd Thursday of the month.
-19 April
– 17 May
– 21 June
– 19 July
– 20 September
– 18 October

We have a limited number of places, so sign up quickly!