On 28 June we will organize the next lecture in our Food for thought lecture series (in Dutch). The afternoon is around the theme of Dutch Cuisine and is titled: Frisian Food. The lecture will be followed by an exclusive five course dinner prepared by the Dutch Cuisine students of ROC Friese Poort.

Speakers will be Albert Kooy, one of the founding members of Dutch Cuisine. Kooy developed five principles of The New Dutch Cuisine which stand for a better future for men, animal and nature. This connects on a direct level with what we do at the Kreake and with the philosophy of Farm of the World. As a second speaker we asked Gerard Voskuilen. Together with Kooy he developed a special Dutch Cuisine studies for the ROC Friese Poort in Sneek. Voskuilen will speak about the curriculum op this education and about the students’ response to it.

The lecture and five course dinner will be from 3pm to around 9pm. For more information and to order tickets, please check this page.