WOVEN SKIN will launch its tour in Groningen, where it will be exhibited from May 1 – 31 at #DeSuikerfabriek in the city of Groningen, Gemeente Groningen as part of the Waste NO Waste Factory project Leeuwarden-Frysl├ón 2018.
This location reflects the collaboration of the regions of the Northern Netherlands.
WOVEN SKIN is a sculptural textile art installation created by Claudy Jongstra, and will explore three core elements – Ecology, Color, Community – through lectures and public programming in a selection of international locations, beginning at the Waste NO Waste Factory in Groningen. In each location, local communities, artists, artisans, chefs and influencers will expand the community of WOVEN SKIN, spreading the message of inclusivity, sustainability, and the preservation of tacit knowledge and biodiversity.