Farm of the World makes bio-dynamic bouquets which reflect all the seasons and the life cycle of nature. The bouquets make a direct connection to nature and function as ‘talking-pieces’: they stimulate discussion about the environment and nature and create awareness about the importance of sustainability and a healthy relationship with nature. A bouquet for example with nettles can be the beginning of a conversation about the importance of biodiversity for bees, and about our understanding of flowers and the beauty of nature. The bouquets will be visible throughout Friesland: at (2018) events, festivals, institutions, companies, schools and in people’s homes.


Watch a video of how these bouquets are being made.


Things to do at De Kreake

From April to October we will organise an activity every Thursday (with exception of August) at De Kreake in Húns.

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Looking for volunteers!

We are re-building our Chelsea Flower Show Garden in Leeuwarden and are looking for volunteers who would like to be involved in the special project.

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Natural Forces – Dutch Design Week 2017

Farm of the World is participating in the Dutch Design Week 2017 in Eindhoven.

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project leader: Claudia Busson


De Roode Ploeg, Harlingen
Bio bij Jansen, Leeuwarden
Prionatuinen, Schuinesloot



For more information, please contact Claudia Busson:

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