Farm of the World makes bio-dynamic bouquets which reflect all the seasons and the life cycle of nature. The bouquets make a direct connection to nature and function as ‘talking-pieces’: they stimulate discussion about the environment and nature and create awareness about the importance of sustainability and a healthy relationship with nature. A bouquet for example with nettles can be the beginning of a conversation about the importance of biodiversity for bees, and about our understanding of flowers and the beauty of nature. The bouquets will be visible throughout Friesland: at (2018) events, festivals, institutions, companies, schools and in people’s homes.


Watch a video of how these bouquets are being made.


Natural Forces – Dutch Design Week 2017

Farm of the World is participating in the Dutch Design Week 2017 in Eindhoven.

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project leader: Claudia Busson


De Roode Ploeg, Harlingen
Bio bij Jansen, Leeuwarden
Prionatuinen, Schuinesloot



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